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Investigation 1
Northern Ireland in the Blitz

Investigation 2
Derry's role in the battle of the Atlantic

Investigation 3
What impact did the war have on women in Northern Ireland?

Investigation 4
Irish neutrality in WW2

Investigation 5
The Holocaust and Northern Ireland

Investigation 6
American forces in Northern Ireland

Belfast after the Blitz

In this investigation we have collected a large range of different sources to help you study Northern Ireland in the Blitz. In each of the four assignments, your task is to produce a multimedia Powerpoint presentation exploring each topic from a variety of different perspectives – the government, the civil defence forces, the citizen, the media.

Your research

After reading the background information contained in each assignment, study the range of different sources. Make careful notes about what the sources tell you about life in Northern Ireland during the Blitz.

As you study each source ask yourself:
• What factual information is there in the source (for example, what information is there about the aspects of life during the Blitz)?
• What impression does the source give of life during the Blitz (for example, does it suggest that the citizens of Northern Ireland were always aware of the danger of aerial bombardment)?

You should then carefully select and use in your presentation the sources that you feel provide the best evidence for each assignment

Assignment1 Why was Northern Ireland blitzed?
Click on the icons below for historical facts and to study a collection of sources which help to explain why Northern Ireland was attacked. 

 Was Northern Ireland prepared for the Blitz?
Click the icons below for historical facts and to study a collection of sources which allow you to see what preparations were made for the attack. 


 How did the Blitz affect Northern Ireland?
Click on the icons below for historical facts and to see a range of sources which show the impact of the Blitz on Northern Ireland and how daily life was affected by the bombing.


 What was it like to live through the Blitz?
Click on the icons below for historical facts and to listen to the experiences of local people who lived through the Blitz.